Bobby Hansen Safaris is owned and operated by Bobby and Vanessa Hansen of South Africa where they have exclusive rights to private properties managed to maintain the highest trophy quality. Bobby has been professionally hunting for over 25 years and prior to that he worked for the Zimbabwe government in anti-poaching and problem animal control.

The Hansen's offer not only plains game safaris, but also dangerous game hunting. Whether you're booking your first safari or your tenth, you won't be disappointed in a hunt booked with Bobby Hansen.


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General Information

Hunts start and end either in Johannesburg or Cape Town. South Africa is comprised of nine provinces or states varying from tropical coastlands to mountains to wide open plains, which most people relate to their image of Africa. With this "World in one country" we can offer an amazing variety of plains and big game from the Common Duiker to the African Elephant.

April - October is the general hunting season and safaris run from 7 to 30 days; year round sunshine allows us the luxury of a long season. Mid-winter is June-July. In the Northern Province during the coldest time of the year pre-dawn temperatures are often a bit below freezing but by mid-day temperatures can be in the 60-70's. Temperatures in KwaZulu-Natal are a bit warmer and the climate is similar to North Florida in the United States in winter.

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