Americans will find many species that are roughly the size of their Elk. Even the Impala is a 200 pound animal and a big Eland bull can weigh more than 2000 pounds. Kudu, Waterbuck, Nyala, Wildebeest, and Zebra fall between three and seven hundred pounds. Download our latest brochure and pricelist.

Bowhunters are easily accommodated at our concessions. We have numerous blinds set up that will put you in the right position to take your trophy. We use popup blinds for those times when being mobile is an advantage as well as many permanent blinds. Our permanent blinds range from brush built affairs to the synthetic termite mound to brick.

Be Prepared
Prior to coming on safari archers should be able to hit their target from either the sitting or standing positions because there isn't always room or time to stand before shooting. Archers should also practice shooting from inside a blind which typically has a 10" wide by 12" high hole to shoot through. This small opening can be distracting if you aren't accustomed to shooting from inside an enclosure. Archers should also be very familiar with the anatomy of African game - they can be very different than the animals you may be used to hunting. Often the heart and lungs are much lower and farther forward than game animals in other parts of the world.

Our blinds are set up for your best possible opportunity, archers should still be prepared to shoot at distances from 30-45 yards.

A bow and arrow combination that can produce a minimum of 65lbs. of keneitc energy is highly recommended. That is not a draw weight of 65lbs. but 65lbs. of energy delivered by your combination of arrow velocity and arrow weight. Expanding broadheads do not perform well in Africa and should be left at home. Lighted sight pins are also recommended for hunting inside a blind. It is often very dark inside many of our blinds and you will have difficulty seeing your sight pins if they aren't lighted. A laser rangefinder is highly recommended and units from Nikon or Bushnell work very well.