Hunting Gear - What To Bring

1 Warm Jacket
2 Pairs Light Leather Or Canvas Shoes
  A Leather Hiking Boot Works Well For Hunting
2 Sets Of Cotton Underwear
1 Sweater Or Sweatshirt
3 Pairs Of Thin Cotton Socks
1 Cap or Hat With Wide Brim
1 Sleeveless Hunting Jacket
3 Pairs Of Wool Socks
1 Pair Of Gloves
2 Hunting Trousers
2 Long Sleeve Shirts
1 Wide Belt

1 Set Binoculars
1 Water Bottle
1 Hunting Knife
1 Cartridge Belt Or Carrier
1 Small Rucksack
Mosquito Repellent
Pocket Knife
Camera With Film & Spare Batteries
Razor With Blades Or Batteries
Flashlight With Spare Batteries
Personal Medicine Kit

Clothing Tip
Depending on the time of year it may be quite cool early in the morning but usually warms up nicely during midday. Wearing a pair of shorts underneath insulated trousers often works well. When it warms up - shed the long trousers.

Photography Tip
There will be plenty of time to take photographs even on a hunting safari. For photographing live wildlife a fast 300-400mm lens is suggested for the best results. Scenic and trophy photos can be taken with a 24-35mm wide angle lens; be sure to include a flash unit and a small tripod in your bag.

Mosquito repellent with DEET will eat plastic camera parts so be sure you don't get it on your camera equipment.

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A sweater or light jacket will take the chill off when sitting around the campfire in the evening enjoying a sundowner.